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Armenian born Australian based singer/songwriter Masha Mnjoyan is the international all-star, winner of The Voice Armenia 2013 and a finalist in the 2020 Voice Australia competition. Masha is a powerful vocalist with an identifiable voice and technique, she is the excellent combination of current pop sensibility with a strong jazz, blues and R&B influence and inflections of traditional Armenian music, where warmth, emotion, and delicacy of expression are the guiding principles, and you will be awestruck by her art.  A postmodern style for our rapidly changing postmodern world.​Masha was involved with the Deghcanik Junior Ensemble in her home town of Gyumri, Armenia, having her first solo concert merely a year later. As she grew, so did her talent, and exposure to numerous music opportunities.Throughout her years in education, Masha studied hard, her core focus being music, graduating with Master degree honours in her Diploma in 2018. She has juggled several national and international competitions simultaneously through her educational years – each one providing her with more experience than the last. Her achievements through the years have been nothing short of spectacular – from participating in both junior Eurovision (2008) and Eurovision (2016) to representing Armenia internationally – securing numerous wins under her belt. ​Since moving to Australia Masha constantly represents the Australian-Armenian community in her career endeavours to the best of her ability. She participates in various community and charity events.Masha is passionate about her country Armenia and has participated in several performances in the Vatican City, many other European countries and Beirut, Lebanon commemorating the centenary of the Armenian genocide. Masha graduated from AIM Australian Institute ofMusic in Sydney, Australia completed her Master degree in composition course.During 2020 she participated in "The Voice" Australia and made it to the semi-finals.​​

"You have a STANDOUT voice. You took us on a ride, emotionally with so much control, with so much POISE and so beautifully and so EFFORTLESS." – Kelly Rowland
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